Past Episodes

Episode 06:Self-Care

Self care is not a noun, it is a verb – and a state of being. Why is self-care important, and how can we incorporate its principles into our lives as honestly as possible?


Episode 05:Long-Term Thinking

What’s the difference between short-term & long-term thinking? What’s the relationship between long-term thinking & fear? And what can you do to ensure the long-term viability of your business?

Episode 04:Managing Fear

We can all agree that fear isn’t great. It sucks to feel fear, and it sucks even more to act on fear. In what ways does fear manifest in business ownership, and how can you work with your own sense of fear to move forward carefully & rationally?


Episode 03:Cognitive Biases: Why Everything?

What are cognitive biases, and where do they come from? What are the biggest ones that business owners tend to experience, and what can we do about them?


Episode 02:Business Mindset

Before we talk about what to do next, we first have to talk about the mindset that you need to get into. What makes a business mindset different from the mindset that you’ve cultivated over the rest of your life, and what can you do to cultivate a business mindset going forward?


Episode 01:The Problem at Hand

What are we talking about? What are our first principles? Where can you start learning all of the spoilers to the rest of the podcast?


Episode 00:Setting Intentions

What is this? Why are we here? Why are you here?