The stronger, more resilient, and more healed you become as a person in this moment, the more likely it will be that your business will succeed. This applies no matter your role in ecommerce: store owner, marketing manager, anyone.

This sounds crazy, but it’s the honest truth. Businesses are made of people. You’re a person. The totality of you shows up to work. Your insecurities, fears, strengths, and intellect show up to work. Your whole life history shows up to work. Your trauma shows up to work. Your privilege shows up to work.

People far smarter than us know this. One of our favorite books about business spends about a third of its pages on managing your health, sanity, and confidence. Everybody from old-school corporate consultants to the new hotness knows that your mindset is the foundation of your success and growth. And cultivating it has never mattered more.

Welcome to our podcast. Here’s our latest episode:

Episode 10:What Now?

So, what next?


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Your success is directly related to how you're able to show up each day. I can't think of better guides than Val & Nick to talk me through managing fear, leveling up my mindset, and operating with intentionality.
– Kurt Bullock, ProduceDept
A podcast like no other in the eCommerce space where the hosts chat about life as it relates to balancing it all. 10/10!
– Deb Mecca, Causeway 305
Nick & Val’s new podcast series is one of the most important right now.
– Kurt Elster, Ethercycle
Many shows address the challenges of running a healthy business, but not many equip you to be a healthier business owner. Finding Clarity might not provide the kind of business advice you’re looking for, but trust me, it’s the kind of advice you need to hear.
– James Sowers, Director of Marketing, The Good